"Kate, Kate...what else can I describe about her except to mention she is the most kind, generous, warm hearted individual. She has taking care of my situations which was to put my previous home nearby Montana Ave/12th street in Santa Monica and as soon as the property went on the market (December /2017), the home was sold within 3 weeks !!!!! That how she is so professional!!!! Strongly recommend her service if either you are going to sell your home or looking home to live within North of Montana or nearby. Trust me!!! She is the best!!!!!"

Kei Maruyama


"My search for a real estate agent started and ended with Kate. I had met her through the Santa Monica Conservancy and new of her keen interest in Santa Monica, it's history and architecture. I was looking for a home with "character", move-in ready, and within a specific price range. It took about 2 weeks and 2 house visits to find what I was looking for. The whole process went smoothly and effortlessly (for me) - thanks to Kate's careful attention to my needs, and her expertise, a result of many years in the field. Immediate after my move, we started the equally important work of selling the beautiful 1911 Arts and Crafts house I had lived in for 20 years. Again I was reassured by Kate's knowledge of the market and quick response to all the demands and requirements or the job. I can actually say the whole experience was a pleasure - she took on all the anxieties and pressures, allowing me to focus on the job of making a new home. Thanks, Kate!"

North of Montana neighbor


Thank you again for all of your help with the sale. It was a pleasure working with you! I had meant to thank you earlier - time really got away from me with the move! As of now I plan on moving back to LA as soon as I finish residency. If I do, I hope to work with you again! And of course, I’ll recommend you highly to anyone I know who is looking for an agent in LA.

Will Olcott


For years I talked about selling my condo in Santa Monica, but it was only talk, for familiar reasons: anxiety about the unknown, and fear of the process itself. Now that I’ve taken the plunge, the unknown has taken care of itself by becoming known, and an adventure. What took me by surprise,  though, was the ease of the process. For that I thank Kate, who took charge of everything from start to finish and made it a downright pleasure. She’s a pro in the best, most congenial sense of the word, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Joe Morgenstern


We could not say enough nice things about Kate! My wife and I saw approximately 35+ houses with Kate before we found the right one. Throughout the whole process Kate was extremely responsive, patient, helpful and encouraging. We looked forward to our time with Kate and the many great ideas she brought to the table to improve the state of each house we visited. The seller agents at each open house we attended were clearly impressed when we mentioned the name of our realtor given her reputation built on helping countless families find homes, yet we felt as if we were her only clients. Kate exceeded her responsibilities as a realtor and became a friend. Thank you, Kate!

Anree & Scott Harrington




I have bought and sold a fair number of houses and apartments and Kate Bransfield is the best realtor I have ever worked with. My wife and I were looking for a place in the Venice-Santa Monica area and enlisted Kate as our agent. Her knowledge of that area is incredibly impressive. I don't think we could have found a more knowledgeable realtor. It was clear to me from square one that Kate had our interests at heart. I always felt she was doing what she thought was best for us and never had anything like the feeling that she was primarily motivated by getting a commission. We ended up getting the place of our dreams in Venice and I really question whether we would have if not for Kate's help. Kate has experience, local knowledge and a tremendous amount of integrity. I would strongly recommend her to anyone buying or selling real estate in the areas we were looking in. Kate is simply the best!

Annie & Jeff King


Kate Bransfield is simply the very best person to work with! Kate has been our partner in buying and selling property and every time, Kate exceeded our expectations, I think, because of her expertise, passion, and commitment to the best possible outcome.

Linda Johannesen



Kate Bransfield knows Santa Monica and Santa Monicans know her! Even my 9 year old daughter knew her before meeting her. This is so important because Kate truly connects to the community in which she works. She is an excellent realtor and even more, a wonderful person to know and work with. I highly recommend Kate!

Louisette Geiss


We were very happy. Kate was great & we would recommend her to anyone.

Marge & Terry Sheahan


From the very first time Kate represented us as sellers (five transactions to date!) we knew Kate was exceptional in several ways: Kate´s service is spot on, always responsible (and we´re fairly fussy people); Kate´s deep market expertise (and she knows every street and every property!); and Kate´s outstanding negotiating skills resulted in numbers better than we ever expected.


David Johannesen


To: Whom It May Concern

Re: Kate Bransfield, Real Estate Broker of the Year

Representation of the Gortikov Family (Buyer) of 416 4th Street, Santa Monica, California


Who is Kate Bransfield? Kate Bransfield represented my wife and I on the purchase of 416 4th Street in Santa Monica. Kate Bransfield also happens to be the most prolific residential real estate broker on this planet!


After ten (10) months of scouring the Santa Monica marketplace with both exclusive brokers as well as random listing brokers, my wife and I became very discouraged that we may not achieve our success. With that said, I decided to drive the Santa Monica neighborhood to see what brokers names appeared on random For Sale signs. Everywhere I looked, there was that Bransfield girl’s name so I decided to give her a call. With one conversation, I became extremely comfortable in my gut that Kate was both capable and knowledgeable in the global Santa Monica trade area. In fact, we became engaged…..to pursue the acquisition objective together.


What separates Kate from the rest of the brokers? Let’s look at the synonyms: educated, sincere, trustworthy, moral, conducts her business with great class, reputation, and dignity, patient, experienced, confident and knowledgeable within her trade, fair, outstanding communicator, connected, the class of a Queen and the polish of a Mercedes. Kate is complimented by two “sharpies” in Ashley and Gabrielle. What can I say about these girls other to render the highest compliments for being detailed, thorough, professional, reliable, forthright, and proactive while maintaining the highest degree of both class and business acumen.


If a buyer dreams of being in Santa Monica, I would insist they utilize my Dream Team!




The Gortikov Family

Aka Santa Monica Residents




Kate Bransfield did an exceptional and outstanding job selling our property!


Her marketing plan was way above and beyond all the rest we interviewed. Kate’s approach gave our property the best possible market exposure including: expert fix up advise and contractor referrals; top of the line professionally done print and online photos; complete website, email and print exposure and abundant and professional open houses done like clockwork every single week until the escrow closed.


Then there is her expertise with keeping the price negotiation and escrow processes moving forward and getting all the massive amount of property selling paperwork done with the most efficiency and least amount of stress. In our case, two people in different cities needed to sign almost all of the paper work. Kate was able to set us up with DocuSign so that we each could easily electronically sign each document as it needed to be signed.


Looking back on the entire property selling experience with Kate now, it’s rather remarkable to be able to say that every single piece of real estate advise she gave us along the way was completely correct and was truly given with only our best interests in mind.


Kate is a rare find. She is truly an extremely ethical, honest and knowledgeable real estate professional!


Thanks Kate!


Janet Akpobome

Santa Monica




“My experience with your team was wonderful. Everyone on Kate’s team was ahead of the game and entirely on top of things. Everyone responded promptly and professionally to my questions and concerns. You have thoroughly spoiled me.


I appreciate your entire approach.”


Suzanne Trull




“They always say that one of the most stressful things you can do is sell your home, but thanks to Kate and her team we never felt stressful even when issues did arise, as they always do during the sale of a property. From the day we engaged Kate for the sale of our Santa Monica property she was generating interest in our property with her print advertising, hosting broker tours and generating activity for the property via her use of the web. At all times Kate treated us with the upmost courtesy and was always available to answer our questions.


During the closing process when issues came up with the buyer Kate worked through each of the issues with the upmost professionalism. We would highly recommend Kate to any other seller who wanted to maximize the price of their home and make the process as easy as possible.”


Sako and Cary




“From the first time that I met Kate Bransfield I felt her confidence and knowledge in real estate as I own a few houses and apartments I am no stranger to the real estate scene. I listed my house with Kate after visiting her website and meeting her in person. It was very clear to me that Kate knew how to market a property. She advised me on what to do and what not to do on my house to maximize its marketability. Kate's recommendation on a contractor was excellent and I used him on the house that I sold and the one that I purchased. In addition to Kate herself she has a fabulous back-up team who are great at details and follow up and a real pleasure to work with.

With a team like this you can't lose. The escrow went smoothly, thanks to Kate. Some brokers list your property and you never see them again. This is not the case with Kate who was there every step of the way to assist and guide me through each step. I would certainly not hesitate to sell, or buy, a house with Kate (and I did both) when the time comes for me to sell or purchase real estate again. Thanks.”


Terry Hall



“We started to search for a broker to sell our home and were immediately drawn to Kate Bransfield when she was showing another home. Our first impression was that she cared about what she was doing. It was clear that she had a passion for the business and had a gentle attitude about her that made us feel comfortable.


We kept seeing her newspaper ads for houses that she was representing and just felt that she knew the neighborhood well and that she would be the right person for the job.


When we sat down with Kate for the first time, my wife and I were pleased to see that Kate had done her homework and gave us a solid picture of activities around our neighborhood. She had put a Marketing Plan together for us to review and understand the sales process.


We were hooked and she became our broker!


Between Kate and the “top notch” support team in her Montana Avenue office, her “great” escrow team, who all support her, we were continually kept in the loop with the signing of documents, highlights of our open houses, and in general getting a realistic feel for where we stood with selling our home all the way to our inspections and closing.


We really expected to have a bumpy process, but Kate and her team made it all a positive experience through clear and timely communication.


We will forever be thankful to Kate!


Our sincerest thanks and regards to all!!”


George & Sandie Steven




Buyers for Santa Monica property (their first language is Italian)

“Since my husband and I decided to buy a home, we didn't know how it could be so hard, maybe also because we are alien (from Italy). The first agent that we met during our tour of open house was Kate Bransfield and that was our lucky day.


Kate soon made a good impression on us and after many open houses we realized that we had to have a realtor and we chose Kate.


Never a choice has been so appropriate!


Kate's very qualified, helpful, patient, in a word WONDERFUL, and never, never, never pushes you to make a decision if you are not sure of a property. We always felt free to take a decision on every property we visited.


Kate is able to know very well her clients so she suggests the best solutions for them.


She takes care of everything, she's GREAT!!!


We are very happy we have met Kate ..... and almost forgot...... we found our new home, naturally.


If Kate didn't exist we should to invent her.


Thank you Kate and your staff.


Katya Magrone & Domenico Cacione

Santa Monica




"Kate was wonderful to work with.


As an out of town seller, I found it very easy to work with Kate and her excellent team of professionals. Everything went off without a glitch and I credit Kate and her fine staff for helping to expedite the closing process.


After working with many realtors over the years, Kate Bransfield is at a level above most others in her field."


Thanks for everything!”


Brian Plaster


Signature Custom Homes




“Working with Kate has been a pleasure.


I felt I could trust her right away because she is calm, patient, and not pushy.


She honestly pointed out the positives and negatives of the properties. I knew she wanted me to find the best place for me, and she wanted me to feel comfortable with my decision.


She was not rushing me into any one place. 


She definitely knows the Santa Monica community and offered good insight and advice.


I would definitely refer friends and use her again.”


Neely Lawton

Santa Monica




“Dear Kate,

Robert and I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help to find the right house for us.


We really deeply appreciate your help also with sub-renting our old place. Your professionalism, knowledge and calm attitude in hectic times made the home purchasing process a rather pleasant event.


You became also a friend and hopefully we can have you over soon for some nice dinner and a really good bottle from Roberts wine cellar.


We always highly recommend you if friends are looking for any real estate transactions in Santa Monica.


All the Best and a big hug.”


Carmen, Robert, Joshua and Dana Langer

Santa Monica




"Kate did an amazing job helping us find and buy our house. The initial research on what areas to focus on; putting together a strong offer; the whole escrow period -


Kate really put a lot of time and care into our house-hunting. No question was too trivial and she always made time for us.


It's really clear to us that Kate not only has vast experience but has translated that into true expertise and superb client service.


The whole experience was smooth and painless.


How many people can say that about buying a home?


Best wishes and thanks a trillion.”


Kate Briscoe & Ivan Garel-Jones

Santa Monica




“I've never met a professional like Kate who could exceed my expectations, anticipate my needs and most importantly, put her heart into everything she does. I am grateful to have found her!


Knowledge, experience and attention to detail gets Kate into the game, but the best in customer service helps her win the game every time.


Kate maximizes your investment and minimizes your effort.


Her rate of return is second-to-none.”


Rebecca Weeks

Santa Monica




“Thanks again to you Kate and your staff for all your help making my dream become a reality.


Over the past few years I have had a dream of living in Santa Monica. After speaking with Kate for the first time about location and type of condo I was interested in, she listened to all of my requests and knew exactly what I had in mind.


One tour of a few open houses is all it took. The professionalism of Kate and her staff has been outstanding from DAY 1 of contact until the day of closing. This team has been instrumental in making my dream come true. I couldn't have asked for a better experience during this real estate transaction. Many thanks for a job well done!”


Becky Bradley

Santa Monica




“...there was a large measure of good luck and good fortune in this sale, BUT I also know that it didn't just HAPPEN!


Kate was extremely well-organized from the beginning.


It was quite clear from out initial meeting that she had had a lot of experience in real estate sales in this part of town.


She knew exactly what she was doing, and perhaps best of all, that she seemed to enjoy what she was doing!


So such contact as I had with her was always reassuring and pleasant.


I am ready and willing to recommend Kate highly to everyone I know in Santa Monica and its environs when I hear that they are looking for a good real estate agent.


Let me add that Kate knows how to choose her staff, too. I appreciated their friendliness and efficiency.”


Jane Turner

Santa Monica




“Kate Bransfield has restored our confidence in the realty world.


To say that Kate was professional is an understatement.


She was a saint.


Kate meticulously guided us through the purchasing process as if we were her only clients.


Kate is truly one-of-a-kind agent that bestows integrity and knowledge as well having a heart of gold.”


Vida & Sherman Gross

Santa Monica




“Hi Kate

Just received my package and CD. Thank you so much.


You are in a league of your own.


I have never had such a professional, organized, efficient real estate transaction (out of 6 purchases and 4 sales).


I gave your name to one of my fellow Board members.


Without any doubt, you have my highest recommendation.”


Tina Wang & ChiaChi Kao

Santa Monica




"We couldn't have asked for a more top-notch real estate agent than Kate. She was tremendously experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of both the sale of our home and the purchase of another property.


Her rigorous professionalism helped allay our anxiety up until & even past the close of escrow.


She was always available to answer any question no matter how small, and her input was smart and savvy.


Beyond the real estate transaction, we always felt that Kate cared about us on a human level, and still do.


She understands that finding the right home is a life decision, not only a financial one. I can honestly say that it was a genuine pleasure to work with Kate.”


Deborah Bauman

Santa Monica



"We were extremely frustrated with the Westside market for architectural townhomes, the bidding wars and meager pickings.


Kate cut through the undesirable properties for us and focused in on what we were looking for. She was able to get us into a stunning architectural property in Santa Monica extremely early in the sale process and we didn't have a bidding war.


She has gone far above and beyond what any realtor would have done.


Thanks Kate!"


Karin Last & Remington Scott

Santa Monica




"I have been through the process of buying property a few times now and Kate is so far ahead of the competition in resources, service, technology and class that there is no comparison."


"I refer anyone that I know who is buying or selling property on the Westside to Kate."


"I love the ability to call Kate any day of the week and get an answer to any question I have."


"Kate is the best in the business but all work aside, I want to work with someone who is a honest person and understands how important this purchase this is to me."


Jeremy Seney

Santa Monica




“..how enchanted we are with the house, neighborhood & the community you helped us to discover last January.


..how clearly you listened to what wewere looking for…you brought us to “our house” almost by instinct and then showed us, without hard-selling, how it would work for us…


...From the first, through your mortgage brokers and escrow, everything fell into place beautifully.


...the necessity of selling our existing property also went so smoothly, we still can’t believe how you brought it all together!


...from the open house, to several offers over our asking price was more than we hoped for...how you evaluated the various offers…


.. we thank you again for your professional wisdom and the vision to understand our needs and wants..”


David & Linda Johannesen

Santa Monica




“..from our first meeting on, we felt completely comfortable with you and over time we could always rely on your knowledge and excellent advice.


...We were exceptionally pleased with your listening to our needs, care for details, keeping us informed, follow-up, dependability, honesty, degree of effort, negotiation on our behalf…


...You are a professional Realtor, who we can and will recommend to friends and associates. We are thrilled with your service and can not thank you enough.”.


George & Esther Seeber

Bel Air






Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your good work in selling my condo so quickly, handling all the details, getting full price, and generally making what could have been a difficult experience easy and painless.


I appreciate the amount of work and sensitivity involved.


If I can ever be a recommendation or otherwise reciprocate, please don't hesitate to call.





Robert M. Perkowitz





“...Kate’s invaluable help in the finding and purchase of my new home in Pacific Palisades… I was fortunate to be referred to her.


From our first meeting on, it was clear to me that I had an ally who could lead, assist, and support me through the labyrinthine...aspects of finding and purchasing a new home.


Kate was unfailingly pleasant, always well prepared and spared me as much of the

mundane busy work as humanly possible. I could always rely on Kate to call when she said she would call, to arrive when she said she’d arrive, to find an answer and apprise me of it.. and in summary, to be entirely reliable and professional.


Moreover, Kate’s assistance and involvement were not confined to finding and purchasing a home, but continued into preparation for the move, and even afterwards with the various difficulties that come up.


Kate continues to check in with me periodically even though the escrow on my home closed.


Kate is cheerful, honest, hard-working, reliable and knowledgeable.


I highly recommend her.”


T.C. Prentice Jr., M.D.

Pacific Palisades




“...your professional dedication to us as your client made a remarkable difference in the process.


Your personal qualities coupled with your professionalism are what ensured such success...


We were delighted that you researched the market and showed us all available properties appropriate to our needs and price range.


We are so pleased with your follow-up and attention to details from contract through closing.


It was a such a pleasure to have had you working on our behalf.


We wish you continued success and we would recommend you above anyone else in residential real estate.”


Kathleen & Art Stribley

Marina del Rey




“Kate is such a personable realtor. She makes you feel as if you are her only client!!”


Dawn & Paul Plew

West Los Angeles




“Anyone who's considering selling their home in Santa Monica should work with Kate Bransfield.


Kate is not only very knowledgeable, but she listened to what we wanted and was very focused all the way through the process.


Kate and her staff were energetic, ready to hold open houses as many times as needed, and amazingly well-organized.


During a period when we were not in town, we depended on Kate to handle things for us -- and she always did.


Kate was perfect with the closing itself to make sure we knew what to do and to ensure that the deal got done.


I recommend Kate highly to anyone seeking a top realtor.”


Steven Beschloss

Santa Monica




“Dear Kate,


Thank you so much for all your help in selling our home.


What was a stressful experience and certainly could have been a fiasco, really went well and much of it was due to you.


We thank you,”


Patti & Bill Chertok

Santa Monica




“...It is so great to receive service that so far exceeds our expectations that I must stop long enough to say thank you.


You emailed homes for us to review, sent preview packages and consistently followed up...mapped the route and made all the arrangements.


You combined your experience and skills with our requirements and as a result, we found and with your help, negotiated for a home within 30 days of our relocation!


Kate, it is difficult to imagine what this process would have been like without you.


The horror stories we hear from others is such a contrast to the experience created for Bill and me, with you steering us through the maze of issues associated with a cross-country move.


Thank you for being there for us.


Your professionalism, talent, skill, enthusiasm and attitude distinguish you and are blessings for those of us fortunate enough to be your clients.”


Carolyn Bivens





“We first met Kate Bransfield when we arrived in Santa Monica for the first time in our lives to purchase a condo for our daughter.


Being lifelong east coast-ers from NJ, we knew nothing about the area and Kate proved to be a wealth of information, knowledge and patience with all our questions.


Also, being Realtors ourselves, we probably weren't the "easiest" of customers!


Two years later when we decided to sell, we called Kate to list the condo, and we had offers within three days, and a contract within a week. We did the entire escrow long distance from NJ, and all went smoothly and quickly.


We would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend Kate Bransfield to anyone interested in buying or selling in the Santa Monica area.”


Karen & Paul Ward

Manasquan, NJ




“As first time homebuyers we were unsure and nervous about the process but working with Kate made it a fun and exciting process.


We felt totally taken care of by Kate.


She is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and very well connected with other realtors in the area. What stood out about Kate was that she always put her clients first, and it definitely showed throughout the entire escrow process.”


Alicia Zuniga





“Kate made everything easy from our initial contact with her, which was through her website.


We knew we wanted to buy in the Palisades and emailed several agents, including Kate, detailing exactly what we were looking for.


Everyone responded with the typical cryptic answer, providing no real answers.


Everyone except Kate. Kate immediately responded with all the listings that matched our criteria.


Kate is a very thorough professional who really understands the importance of customer satisfaction - it doesn't get any better.”


Greg Wells

Pacific Palisades




“If only all realtors were like Kate Bransfield!


She is bright, experienced and well-versed in the many ins-and-outs of the real estate business. Her handling of our sale was expert from beginning to end, from pricing strategy and re-decorating tips; to advertising ideas; to savvy repartee with potential buyers and agents; to making the escrow process as smooth as possible.


Kate is energetic! She was available all the time, day or night, for our seemingly endless questions and problems that inevitably came up.


Her energy helped us to get top dollar for our place, since she squeezed in one more evening showing after the last, best offer apparently was already received; that showing led to a higher final selling price!


Kate knows how (and when!) to get tough in the negotiating process.


Above all, Kate is a genuinely kind and sympathetic person who listens to and cares about her clients.


This trait, we realized, is deceptively important in a realtor since buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful (and time-consuming) events in a person's life.


Kate helped us to keep things in perspective during some very stressful times while selling our home.


In a profession overpopulated by egos and surprisingly short on competence, Kate is truly a rare find.


Having her unique combination of expertise, energy and all-around kindness in our corner was more than we could have hoped for.


We feel lucky to have met Kate Bransfield. We would recommend her most enthusiastically to anyone buying or selling a home.”


Adam Radinsky

Topanga Canyon




“As first time home-buyers, we approached the task with quite a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. The general economic situation prevailing these days, of course, provided a further level of unease, as it raises considerably the stakes of taking the momentous decision to buy a house.


Still, you guided us through the process with calm, experience and knowledge. You did not push us to buy even tough closing the deal was obviously in your interest. You did not push for a high price either, but took care of our best interest, suggesting what the property could realistically be priced at given the current market.


We were impressed by the fact that you are technologically ahead of most of your colleagues. The website you setup made communications flow and easy for us to know, at any given time, where exactly the closing process was.


Your team was always there to help and answer quickly every question or issue we might have. The escrow and financing processes were equally smooth and stress free and we are grateful to you for your referral.


Should the day come when we need to sell our house, we will certainly turn to you again. You deserve a big BRAVO!”


Cesare Romano & Francesca Guerrini

Santa Monica




"Kate has guided us through three real-estate transactions over the years, two of which were fairly tricky and had several pitfalls that could have easily ended up as deal-breakers in less experienced hands.


To say that Kate and her excellent team consistently exceed even the most unrealistically high expectations would be a gross understatement: they operate with a level of professionalism and deliver an experience that simply cannot get

any better. They make you feel like you are their only client, yet somehow manage to make the whole process seem completely effortless.


Kate truly is a one-in-a-million rarity who's not only exceptionally good at what she does, but has a fantastic personality and attitude to boot.”


Edvard & Erika

Santa Monica




“I suffered a long commute for over a year because I dreaded the hassle of selling my Santa Monica home. Kate Bransfield (and her excellent team) made it so painless that the my only regret is waiting so long to call her.


Her preparation, knowledge of the market, proactive attention to detail, and warm understanding soothed every hiccup, and I was in escrow and closing in an astonishing brief time.


Kate's professionalism combined with her sense of humor and her embrace of the latest technologies would make me recommend her to anyone. She will be my realtor again.”


Reid Hartenbower

Santa Monica




“I had the unfortunate experience to list with a poor agent who didn't pay attention to details and didn't put my interests first.


As a result he couldn't get my home through to a successful close. I re-listed with Kate and found what a difference a knowledgeable, reliable and efficient Realtor can make.


After just a few days we had multiple offers and I sold and closed for WELL over what I would have received through my other agent.


In addition to being a great agent, Kate has surrounded herself with a great team.”


Chris Quigley

Santa Monica




“From the moment we met Kate Bransfield, she put us at ease immediately.


Her easy going personality, professionalism and perseverance were never ending, and she made the entire buying process a pleasure.


Whenever we asked her a question, she responded immediately and if she didn't

have the answer, wouldn't stop until she got one!


Kate is one of a kind, and not only is she our broker, we consider her a friend as well.


Due to all of these qualities, we have asked her to represent us in selling our home."


Toni & Mark Chassman




"Hi, my husband and I just moved into our first house and have a few extraordinary referrals to pass along. First, our realtor is sensational!!! Her name is Kate Bransfield and she is the most lovely woman ever!! Kate took so much time with us and was very easy, yet poignant in her advice and recommendations as to where we would be most happy. She spent so much time truly getting to know my family and therefore knew exactly what I wanted and where we would feel most comfortable. I will never be able to say enough good things about Kate."


Debi Cox




“Kate was patient and helpful. She made me feel very comfortable with everything and made sure the transaction went smoothly. I am so grateful for all of her help and the hard work she and her assistants put into this transaction. In short, she was wonderful.”


Ben Cady




“Kate has an amazing personality.


I have been in sales for over 10 years and when it comes down to it, the true professionals do not have to "sell" you anything.


With Kate her sales came down to the fact that she was personable, knowledgeable (but not pressing), able to adapt to our needs, and friendly.


We felt extremely comfortable with Kate from start to finish, and honestly we have never felt that way with a broker.


We have looked in the region for 5 years or so and always felt there was an agenda. With Kate and her team the agenda was only to keep us comfortable throughout the process.


On top of that we were extra impressed that they helped entertain our children during this period and kept us smiling.


Everyone was extremely professional and we will definitely be back through a recommendation or when we look at more."


Khalil Kirtman




"Kate was great.  She kept us informed all along the way.  Kate was very low key which was very important to me. Her staff was great also. I felt as if I was in good hands all along the process."


Bob Leonard




“My husband and I worked with Kate Bransfield to find the perfect home for our dream family. After many weeks of going to open houses by ourselves, we crossed paths with Kate. Kate was able to take our detailed requirements (location, room for our future family, dog) and recommend us our future home. At first it looked like it was not going to work out, but Kate worked some magic. We were able to close in less than 30 days and are now preparing to move into our new home. Many thanks to our realtor and new friend, Kate Bransfield.”


Sharon & Gustavo De Greiff 




"Dear Kate, 


We want to thank you for all of your help. From our first meeting we knew that your expertise in Santa Monica, professional demeanor and sincerity would reduce the potential stress of selling our home.


We had several dealings with other brokers before and only wished we had met you earlier. We knew of your wonderful reputation, but had no idea what a treasure we had found! You made this the most pleasant move we have ever had. All the marketing promised was delivered. 


It always seemed as though you carried us through the process. My family and I were able to feel excited about the stress free move.


It is obvious to us that you actually care and give full a commitment to your clients. Let’s just say you have restored our faith and have gained not only clients but friends as well. 


You were a professional to the very end, keeping our family positive and up beat, while staying ahead of your game the whole time. We have had by far the best experience. We will always be extremely grateful for the countless things you have done for us. You went over and beyond when you sold our house. Your assistant, Andie was also most considerate and attentive to all details great and small. 


Please have anyone contact us about our experiences with you and your wonderful staff."


Kurt & Patricia Sardella 

Santa Monica 




"To those who don't know her, and because you can see Kate's ads all over the place in Santa Monica, it could be possible to confuse Kate with a wholesale real estate agent who is perhaps driven by trying to have as many clients as possible. The problem with wholesale is that it usually compromises the quality of services provided for the quantity of clients. But that perception could not be farther apart from reality.


After we decided to start working with Kate to find our first home as a married couple, we not only found a great agent, but a friend. Note, however, that her friendly demeanor does not compromise her professionalism at all; this quality alone is a very rare attribute to find in the business world. Moreover, Kate takes the concept of customer service and satisfaction to a whole new level. She provides the small-town, personalized, hands-on service you normally do not find in a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles.  You sometimes wonder whether in fact Kate has a double, so she can manage to be in two places at the same time -- although she will probably give credit to her Z4 for that.  Her incredibly efficient team also deserves some of the credit for managing such an impossible schedule, and making sure that all the pieces fall into place, and deals are closed.

Regardless of how she does it, we wouldn’t even hesitate in recommending Kate."

Natalie & Vartan


"Hi Kate, Erin & Max,
Now that the dust has settled and the money is in the bank Marian and I want to thank you ever so much for all your hard work in negotiating the sale of our home.  It is always a real pleasure to work with true professionals and you're the tops.  
We don't know what we would have done without you.  All we really had to do was follow your recommendations while you created the market, found the right buyer, and completed the sale.  The details, the paperwork, and the legalities involved in selling a house are unbelievable, yet you had everything so well organized that it all flowed along smoothly.  And your sensitivity to personalities and integrity kept things focused and away from unimportant side issues. 
We almost wish we had a second house so you could sell it for us.  Certainly anyone on the westside who does have a house to sell absolutely must call on you if they want to deal with only the very best. 
Many, many thanks."
Marian & Bill Knowles 

"Kate has done a great job selling my condo in Santa Monica in a very slow market.  I cannot thank Kate enough for the hard work that was done by her team and herself.  I wish her the best and with her performance I know she will always continue to be successful in selling homes."

Fred Wheba



"Kate was very easy to work with and marketed the property well.  She continued to push even when offers were coming in, knowing that they could fall thru. 

I appreciate her hard work and thank her for making the sale." 

Christian Wehba 


"Hi Kate, 
Thanks for all you did to facilitate the sale of our condo. We especially appreciate all the hard work that goes on "behind the scenes". We know all your efforts made the process much easier for us.  Kate, we especially appreciated your calm, practical, down to earth approach to every challenge. Your personableness made the sale a pleasant experience. 
Thanks again for your all your help."
Jim and Eva U'Ren 


"I have worked with many famed brokers in Santa Monica and you are yet the best that I have found. You have a great dedicated team, you have a great marketing plan and you are always available for consultation as well as pushing the project forward. You know Real Estate and their prices in Santa Monica. You know how to talk to the seller as well as the buyer to keep their interest going and not letting the deal to disintegrate. You are with a reputable company and you know everybody in business in Santa Monica."   
Hilda & Albert Gangian

"Working with Kate has been a joy. She helped our family through every step of the process of buying our new home. She is personable and thoughtful and always puts her client's interests first. We were impressed by her depth of experience and professionalism especially during tense situations. We have recommended her our friends and family and would love to work with her again in the future."

Kim and Matt Peterson


Thank you all for everything that you have done to make this sale possible. I could not have done it without you. My association with you has been the best part of this whole process. Thank God I found you! Best wishes in the future. You deserve it.   


P.S. I will continue to pester you if I need more wise council pertaining to your expertise.” 

Katherine Rozek


"My wife and I were first-time home buyers who had little knowledge of the process, so we knew we needed a realtor who was calm, experienced, and familiar with the area we were looking.  With Kate Bransfield, we got all that and more.  Kate and her staff were friendly, professional, super-organized and on top of every aspect of the process - from finding our perfect home, to making an offer, to closing escrow and even move-in tips.  In particular, Kate was able to use her experience and determination to help push us through a very difficult and complex lending situation.  Looking back, I can point to a number of instances where, had it not been for Kate, we would have simply lost the house.  I would recommend Kate to my family and closest friends.  She's the best."
Ken Woodruff

"I asked Kate to list my house right before I left for the summer, and had a peace of mind that I was in good hands. You guys make a great team! Thanks for everything."

Leili Zaheri

"I would recommend Kate Bransfield very highly to anyone wishing to sell, buy, or rent property on the Westside.  Kate's in depth knowledge of the real estate market and property values, her innovative advertising and marketing techniques, and her outstanding support team of Erin Kozoll and Mary Abarta all contributed to making the sale of my Santa Monica property a successful transaction.  Hard working and highly ethical, Kate is easy to talk to and always accessible.  Her advice and instincts were always on target.  Her people skills are truly outstanding.  I understand why she is so highly regarded by her peers and clients.  From listing to closing, Kate and her team had my complete confidence."


Todd Bergesen


This great big thank you is overdue but not under felt! Working with you was wonderful and at the same time so professional. The frequent updates as to showings, visits to the web site, exposure in the local periodicals and your recommendation on staging exceeded our expectations. The idea of the settlement Room as a place to record status on the escrow process was quite helpful. We were especially impressed with the way you handled the competing bid situation. We wish we were still in the area to recommend Kate, the best realtor in Santa Monica, to friends in need of such services. Your staff including Erin Kozoll and Mary Abarta were always available and answered all of our many questions. The whole process was as easy on us as possible. That meant a lot to us as we were in Boulder Colorado for a lot of the time - nothing fell through the cracks. Thanks again and best wishes for the holidays."


Ray & Vera Smead


"Working with Kate was great!  I showed up from the hinterlands looking at fairly high end property. Kate was patient. She assessed the best areas for me. She kept on showing me property and she accepted my 'this is my best offer take it or leave it' style ;-)."

Carol London

"Words cannot express the true meaning of professionalism and knowledge of the local market in Santa Monica that Kate has.  Kate is top notch in her market and I would bring her team on board in a heartbeat on other properties.  Furthermore, I speak with other colleagues and pass my feelings to them in hopes they too can benefit from her talent. You may use this email and/or use me as a reference for Kate."



Sean Fitzgerald 


"Molly and I really enjoyed working with Kate. As first-time home buyers, we found her knowledge and experience to be invaluable. She was always available to answer our many questions or to accompany us to view a house at a moment's notice. She guided us through the escrow process and helped us find a good lender. Even after we closed escrow, Kate continued to be a resource, providing recommendations for contractors, handymen, etc. Molly and I are extremely grateful for Kate's guidance -- we can't imagine what the home-buying process would have been like without her."


Molly & Dan Weene


"We couldn't have imagined a more responsive and buttoned-up agent than Kate Bransfield! Her knowledge of the West LA real estate market and her team's full-service approach are what made our condo sale a seamless process." 


Rebecca Weeks Watson

"...the clearest impression I have is that she has demonstrated exquisite skill in screening and selecting a buyer and in negotiating the final sale.  Beyond that, she has been very pleasant, gracious and easy to work with in all of our contacts and placed an impressive range of marketing skills at our service." 


Len Schniderman


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